Cathy Farrell: una giornalista americana traduce l'articolo di Leonardo Pisani per la comunità aviglianese e italo-americana
I really enjoy the blog of our member Leonardo Pisani. I have to use Google translate, though, and sometimes it mangles things. So, today, I tried to improve (I hope!) the Google translation of his most recent blog posting about an annual award that is made to Aviglianesi who live and work outside of Avigliano. I thought I'd share it here; if you spot any errors, please correct me.


Tied to a historical symbol of Avigliano, the ancient Arch of the Piazza, dating from the ninth century, where urban legends claimed that legendary bandit Ninco Nanco (Avigliano April 12, 1833 - Avigliano March 13, 1864) hung after his assassination by the National Guard at Frusci Avigliano, the Arco Prize is now in its seventeenth edition, since 1998, when the first award ceremony was held in the churchyard of the Annuncation, with the award Angelo Santoro, Domenico Viggiano and Vincenzo Verrastro.

The award has now become a classic annual event established by Pro Loco Avigliano, built on memory and the deep relationship that has always linked the Aviglianesi to their land of origin. The Award is given to fellow citizens, who, beyond local boundaries, have demonstrated distinguished merit and ability, while keeping the memory of their roots. It is an important mutual recognition, since the Arch of the Piazza Gianturco is such an identifying element of the community as a whole, that of Avigliano, which always is not identified with a territory, but with a heritage of values, traditions, culture: men such as Emanuele Gianturco (statesman, lawyer and musician),Silvio Scare Filippi (writer; founder and first director of the Corriere dei Piccoli - the Small Courier, illustrated supplement of Corriere della Sera - the Evening Courier),Monsignor Luigi Filippi (the first Archbishop of L'Aquila),Prof. Vincenzo Verrastro (the first President of the Basilicata Region),Father Virgilio Corbo (world-famous archaeologist, discoverer of the House of the Apostle Peter),or Thomas Morlino (President of the Senate), to mention a few names of members of a community which is increasingly marked by cultural vitality, resourcefulness and hard work. These are examples whom Pro Loco proposes to those who are likely to lose the memory of an ancient noble community, its best men, its history. The 2014 edition, scheduled for Friday, July 25 at 18.30 in the Cloister of the Town Hall, to be moderated by journalist Leonardo Pisani, will have a dual ceremony: artist Antonio Gerardi, well-known radio host and affirmed Italian actor, and a special prize the master cabinetmaker Pietro Pace. Luciano Sabia, President of Pro Loco of Avigliano, and Mayor Vito Summa are expected to participate. Journalists Lello Colangelo and Giuseppe Fiorellini will respectively interview the winners Pietro Pace and Antonio Gerardi.

Here are the biographies of the two winners:

He was born in Potenza on March 8 1968 to Aviglianese parents.

He made his debut as a radio host at a local Potenza radio station then transferred to Radionorba in 1988. In 1993 he was hired by RTL 102.5, and in 1995 he moved to Radio Kiss Kiss, where he leads the program "Guaglione on air".

Between 1996 and 1997, he was the official deejay of a major multinational sporting goods company. In 1997 he returned to RTL 102.5, leading to seven years with "The Family" (formerly known as "And here's to you"), together with Luca Viscardi and Jennifer Pressman.

In 2003 he became correspondent for the television program Reservoir Dogs and, later, back to Radio Kiss Kiss, where he leads the radio program "Goodmorning Kiss Kiss".

In 2007, he debuted as an actor in the movie L'ora di punta (Rush Hour) by Vincenzo Marra, which was in competition at Venice, and then got roles in other films:
Il rabdomante (The Diviner), directed by Fabrizio Cattani (2007),
Il passato è una terra straniera (The Past is a Foreign Land), directed by Daniele Vicari (2008),
Questo piccolo grande amore (This Little Love), directed by Riccardo Donna (2009),
Due vite per caso (Two Lives By Chance), directed by Alessandro Aronadio (2010),
Tutto l'amore del mondo (All the Love in the World), directed by Riccardo Grandi (2010),
20 sigarette (20 Cigarettes), directed by Aureliano Amadei (2010)
Basilicata Coast to Coast, directed by Rocco Papaleo (2010),
Qualunquemente, directed by Giulio Manfredonia (2011),
Il paese delle spose infelici (The Land of Unhappy Spouses), directed by Pippo Mezzapesa (2011),
Diaz - Do not Clean Up This Blood, directed by Daniele Vicari (2012),
Gli equilibristi (The Acrobats), directed by Ivano De Matteo (2012),
Tutti contro tutti (All Against All), directed by Rolando Ravello (2013),
Viva la libertà (Long live freedom), directed by Roberto Andò (2013).

He has also participated in some television series such as the "Mork and Mindy" episode of the series Crimes, playing a police officer, and Romanzo Criminale (Crime Novel), in the role of "Il Sardo". He took part in the TV drama La nuova squadra - Spaccanapoli (2011) playing the boss "Michele Melancholy" and Paolo Borsellino, and The 57 days (2012), in the role of repentant Gaspare Muto. From 2010 to 2011, he was the voice of the dog Goliath in the television program Focus Uno.


Son and grandson of artisans, he was born on October 20, 1927 in Avigliano.

At the age of seven, he began helping his father, a craftsman who worked in various Lucanian woods (Calvello, Rifreddo Pallareta, Great Forest, Bella, etc.).

At the age of twenty, he worked at the "Factory F.Lu.M.In.A. Scatigna Fabbrica Lucana Mobili Infissi Affini" and it is here that he found his interest in artistic wood working; he began to carve pieces of walnut, maple and cherry. He opened his own laboratory at the Salita Piano dell'Orso and subsequently moved to Vico Summa where he worked until the end of the 90s.

Here he worked by alternating between simple crafts and works of a high artistic level such as landscapes and rural scenes, sacred images and sculptures. He had a long and fruitful association in the 1960s with the engineers of the "Project Avigliano" of "Esso Standard Italian".This collaboration gave him the opportunity to cross the borders of Lucania and disseminate his work in other regions.

In 1965 he participated in the 29th Mostra Mercato Internazionale dell'artigianato (International Market Craft Show) in Florence, where he received the Diploma of Honor.In 1968, at the 32nd Mostra Mercato Internazionale dell'artigianato show in Florence, he got the Diploma of Honor and Gold Medal.In 1972, on the occasion of The Regional Fair Crafts International, he received first prize in the Basilicata region.

In 1973, the Potenza Lions Club gave him the Gold Medal for Crafts.

He also participated in several local exhibitions of Sacred Craft.

Some of his works have landed major offices in the capital of the region, while others are located around Italy, or donated to political and show business figures, such as Amintore Fanfani and Giorgio Albertazzi. Some of his pieces have crossed national boundaries having reached Japan, America and Australia.

Article by Leonardo Pisani. blog
Cathy Farrell
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